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    The Mission:

    The School of Human Nature provides diverse educational and experiential programs which encourage participants to realize, claim, and express their wholeness.

    The Program:

    Inspired by human cultural traditions which have provided guidelines for being in harmony with Nature for the enhancement of all dimensions of health and longevity, The School of Human Nature presents educational and experiential workshops with the following goals:

    1) Reawaken awareness of and connection to the energetic cycles of Nature.  To this end, the workshops are grounded in the Five Elements of traditional cultures and the four or five climatic seasons they recognized, and include a variety of cognitive learning exercises to facilitate the holistic exploration of the Elements in Nature. 

    2) Empower participants to feel greater confidence in their intuitions and multi-sensory abilities.  There are numerous exercises designed to explore “Right-Brain”, nonlinear knowing, the creation of ritual and storytelling, and movement and meditative practices that enhance connection to nonhuman life forms and energies.

    3) Facilitate the integration of the Body/Mind/Spirit in all activities of Life.  Throughout the workshops there are planned opportunities to explore ourselves as multi-dimensional beings in a multidimensional reality, as well as the intention that the setting or “space” of the workshops provoke and inspire spontaneous insights.

    4) Inspire participants to embrace deep ecological principles and find holistic ways of living which can contribute to a culture of balance and sustainability, leaving the world with more/better resources rather than fewer/less sustainable resources.  Cultivation of a holistic perspective informs responses with regard to food choices, activities, creative expression, physical, spiritual, and intellectual focus, and relationships with all Life.  Individuals expressing this perspective make choices that are considered within the context of the whole, rather than in the artificially disconnected manner typical of contemporary human societies.

    5) Guide participants to weave these various threads together to manifest the fabric of their wholeness.  It is already the nature of humans to be whole – the curriculum of the School of Human Nature is predicated on the belief that contemporary people have simply lost connection to their inherent wholeness, hence the mission to encourage participants to “realize, claim, and express” their true Human Nature.