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    ROBUST Roanoke: Deep Vitality Healing Arts

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    Upcoming Classes 2019


    Herbal Wisdom 101

    A beginner level course covering the use of medicinal herbs for self care and cultivation of a holistic lifestyle, with instructors Heather Wetzel of Heather’s Herbals of Charlottesville, VA and Sheila Guarnagia of ROBUST Roanoke.

       session 1    Sunday, September 15, 2019  
       session 2    Sunday, October 6, 2019         
       session 3    Sunday, October 27, 2019       

    Classes will meet in Roanoke, VA, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

    The Program:  “Herbs”, that is, wild and cultivated plant and animal products, have provided people with nutrition, beauty, companionship, and healing medicines since time began. Inspired by the history and practice of herbalism in both the East and the West, Herbal Wisdom 101 will provide participants with basic guidelines and understanding of identification, creation, and application of safe herbal remedies and the health patterns they can assist.  Instruction will follow a holistic model, and will include field work, instruction in energetics and constitutional tendencies, supportive lifestyle practices, the role of the Five Elements, and the recognition of the influence of the Seasons in the accurate use of herbal remedies to maintain wellness or stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.

    Class activities will include: Herb identification – in the wild and in the garden;  Herbal remedy making – salves & creams; syrups, tinctures & teas; compresses & baths;  Immersion in the Elements – recognition of the principles of holistic diagnosis and the most common challenges for specific organ systems;  Food as medicine – using herbs in cooking for health and wellness.

    Tuition:  Tuition is $300 per person for the 3-part class series, payable by cash or check. A deposit of $80 is due by August 15th, 2019, to secure your space.  Class size is limited.

    For more information contact Sheila at 540-797-4685.

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    ROBUST Roanoke is a local distributor of TeraGanix EM1, the Effective Microorganism products developed by Dr. Teruo Higa in Okinawa, Japan. EM1 is a wonderful technology which brings the benefits of healing probiotic microbes and far infrared energy to both the microbiome and macrobiome. These products can enhance the lives of people, pets and livestock, gardens and farms, and the whole community in many ways. Please click here to visit the TeraGanix website to learn more.

    ROBUST currently stocks:

    EM1 ceramic products

    ProEM1 probiotic for people and pets

    EM1 inoculant for home, gardening and farming applications

    Bokashi for fast, clean, and odorless composting

    A custom designed product line is in development, including soaps, soaks, pet baths, dog collars, and more.

    Please contact Sheila for further information.